Terms and conditions

Dear users,

by the following terms and conditions, we protect us as against the abusive use of our service and assign the fundamental responsibility for images, videos and other files to the users that have uploaded them.

What kind of content is not allowed?

  1. Illegal content (examples: child pornography, damage to reputation)
  2. Wing ideas or racism
  3. Copyright infringing content (example: violation of the right to one's own image)
  4. Downloads disguised as image files
  5. Pornography

Where am I forbidden to directly embed images?

  1. On warez sites and link lists/charts
  2. On websites using the images as design elements

How will I get identified in case of a violation?

For each upload the current date and time as well as the user's IP address and - if present - the user's account name will be logged.

What responsibilities does Picster have?

The use of Picster is free of charge. Picster has therefore no responsibilities towards its users, that go beyond the legal liabilities.

Terms and conditions of use prevail in principle and can be changed at any time by Picster. By using Picster you agree with the terms and conditions described on this page.


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